Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Theory - Earths magnetic field shifting

Hey everyone-
With the current theories and speculation regarding the decrease and even "flip" of the Earths magnetic fields(see links below) and the north pole soon heading to the south and vice versa.
In the fact the fields do this throughout the past BUT it seems to be happening at a much faster rate than discovered throughout previous millennium - could the cause for the increased rate be from a cumulation of ALL the electronic devices, power stations, nuclear plants, telecommunication cabling, etc causing an magnetic draw or cancellation effect in a shell-like covering the surface of the Earth drawing off or altering the internal magnetic constant that is created by the magnetic core of the planet, much like a theoretical anti-magnet sphere surrounding a rare-earth magnet thus canceling or realigning the molecular structure and alignment and therefor restructuring or altering the field to a reverse or even a null state?

Nova's show on this subject aired on PBS

Article on "Scientific American" website

plus various other sites as well ....


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