Monday, October 16, 2006

RANT - USA, Earths babysitter

USA, Earths babysitter...

OK US Government, STOP!!!

Get out of everyone else's business, let Korea blow themselves up, let Iran and Iraq destroy each other, let the Former Eastern Block countries of Russia figure it out on their own - there are MORE than enough problems here at home to worry about first before we start declaring ourselves the model country to mold everyone into, whether by words or weapons (Sounding a bit like the Catholic Church/Vatican of the middle ages - its our way or our way, take your pick)

There was a time the USA was an isolationist society, taking care of our own, there is a time when this needs to be again. Much like the nosey neighbor down the block we get into everyones business enough eventually people will get sick of it and punch us in the nose. Time to reel back all the foreign ambassadors, above and under the table dealings with countries, sending millions and even billions to countries when we have children starving in the streets right here in the USA that need help first.



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