Monday, October 16, 2006

RANT - Religion

Religion -

Back the hell off!!

Why is it every time some advance in science that could actually be a boon for humans - religious zealots have to step in and muck it up for everyone claiming "its an affront to GOD" or "its man playing at being GOD" blah blah blah

If your GOD is so great and powerful then wouldn't it stand to reason that he/she made you in his/her image as it states in the bible and therefore the ability to "play GOD" resides in us all?
As long as its not some superbug type virus or some other new, deadlier form of nerve agent or poison then let it be - cloning can only HELP humanity, image just try for a second your hurt in a severe car accident or burned in a terrible fire or some genetic timebomb goes off and you get MS or ALS or whatever, wouldnt you like to know that a few cells and some time and you could have your lost arm or legs back if amputated from the cloning service that grew them in a lab and shipped them off to your hospital, or that the STEM CELL research that the religious right and G.W. Bush signed against would perhaps help you or your child live a HAPPY and PRODUCTIVE life because the stem cells harvested from your own tissue (yes folks they have discovered how to garner stem cells from living adult tissue now - not embryos like the Religious Wrong would have you believe) to increase your chance against cancer, MS, ALS, Parkinson's, alziehmers, etc or how about the life of a loved one, say your wife or husband or your mother or father or perhaps one of your children. I guess its more important to suffer through it yourself or through a loved ones suffering than to live a happy life together because some freak in a pointy hat in Italy said "no, no .. thats a no-no according to my interpretation of the bible" HA good luck with that


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