Monday, October 16, 2006

RANT - Corporate Computer Users


How is it that in most corporations the typical user will forget how to do their job by simply having a weekend off??

I work in a help desk position and it seems grown adults act as complete newbies when it comes to their job as soon as they return. "I cant remember my password" "I cant remember how to sign on" "I cant remember how to start up my application" - all typical job duties that have done day in and day out for years and its ALWAYS the fault of the IT technician or department making changes while they weren't looking - like we don't have better things to do.

Another factor is simply the fact companies will NOT train their employees in basic computer usage and skills leaving them to flounder about until some minor change occurs and then the world is coming to an end because the game hangaroo or some other BS spyware filled POS software that they suddenly have the skill to find and install and play all day is missing.


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