Tuesday, November 14, 2006

TECH - Happy Sweet 16th WWW

TECH - Happy Sweet 16th WWW
*as reported on Slashdot.org*
"Today marks the 16th anniversary of the World Wide Web.
According to the timeline on the W3.org site:
'The first web page [was] http://nxoc01.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/TheProject.html. '
Unfortunately CERN no longer supports the historical site. Note from this era too, the least recently modified web page we know of, last changed Tue, 13 Nov 1990 15:17:00 GMT (though the URI changed.)' A lot has happened in 16 years and this little 'baby' has grown into quite the teenager."
As I see it, the WWW is a happy, well adjusted teenager with a FAR too extensive collection of porn ;)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

TECH - I for one welcome our new flesh eating robot overlords

Wednesday, 8 November 2006
Robot Identifies Human Flesh As Bacon

Let the robot holocaust commence: robots think we taste like bacon.

Researchers at NEC System technologies and Mie University have designed the cute little guy to the right: a metal man gastronomist, "an electromechanical sommelier", capable of identifying wines, cheeses, meats and hors d'oeuvres. Upon being given a sample, he will speak up in a childlike voice and identify what he has just been fed. The idea is that wineries can tell if a wine is authentic without even opening the bottle, amongst other more obscure uses...like "tell me what this strange grayish lump at the back of my freezer is/was."

But when some smart alek reporter placed his hand in the robot's omnivorous clanking jaw, he was identified as bacon. A cameraman then tried and was identified as prosciutto.

Absolutely horrifying. Like cows, once robots taste blood, their hunger for human flesh can never be satiated.

Original story

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

NEWS - Happy New Year - Blessed Samhain (Sow - wain)

Well another year is about to close and a new year about to be born on this day of Halloween

Just wanted to wish all my pagan friends a blessed Samhain and to all non-pagans a Happy Halloween, be safe and have fun everyone

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Theory - Earths magnetic field shifting

Hey everyone-
With the current theories and speculation regarding the decrease and even "flip" of the Earths magnetic fields(see links below) and the north pole soon heading to the south and vice versa.
In the fact the fields do this throughout the past BUT it seems to be happening at a much faster rate than discovered throughout previous millennium - could the cause for the increased rate be from a cumulation of ALL the electronic devices, power stations, nuclear plants, telecommunication cabling, etc causing an magnetic draw or cancellation effect in a shell-like covering the surface of the Earth drawing off or altering the internal magnetic constant that is created by the magnetic core of the planet, much like a theoretical anti-magnet sphere surrounding a rare-earth magnet thus canceling or realigning the molecular structure and alignment and therefor restructuring or altering the field to a reverse or even a null state?

Nova's show on this subject aired on PBS

Article on "Scientific American" website

plus various other sites as well ....

Tuesday, October 24, 2006



From Bluff Magazine

The Republican led US Congress passed an online poker prohibition bill late in the evening on September 29th. Having been unable to gain enough support to pass the bill on its own merits, Republican leaders strong-armed their way into piggy-backing the bill on the must-pass Port Security Act (apparently online poker represents a very real threat to American ports). As a result, most of the major online poker sites have given notice that they will cease allowing US players as soon as the legislation is signed by the President.

Why ban online poker? Apparently, it’s OK to play other online games for money (scrabble, mah jong, solitaire, etc.), just go to www.aol.com. For some reason, which no one in Congress will explain, poker is different. Technically, if we came out with a new game, that was similar to poker, (we’ll leave the diamonds out of the deck and call it “Doker”), there’d be no problem…just as long as its not poker. It’s likely that key Republican proponents of the bill are simply catering to their core right-wing constituencies ahead of the November elections. It doesn’t matter that a majority of Americans oppose the legislation (according to an independent survey commissioned by the Poker Players Alliance), because in the backrooms of Congress where the decisions are really made (at least in this case), it’s not one vote per person, it’s one vote per dollar contributed to the re-election campaign.

A political miscalculation? Let’s hope so. I don’t think the Republican prohibitionists realize how many registered-to-vote Americans actually play online poker, although it doesn’t really matter unless we show up at the polls.

So, what do we do now? First and foremost, if you haven’t already joined, sign-up for the Poker Players Alliance (www.pokerplayersalliance.org). With over 100,000 members, the PPA is poker’s primary voice in Washington. The more members, the louder the voice becomes.

Second, be sure to vote on November 7th…DON’T VOTE REPUBLICAN!!!

NEWS - US Slips Again In Freedom of the Press Ranking

NEWS - US Slips Again In Freedom of the Press Ranking

Reporters Without Borders has released their annual worldwide press freedom index. While developing nations like Haiti and Mauritania continue to gain ground developed nations like France, Japan, and the US continue their downward spiral. From the article: "The United States (53rd) has fallen nine places since last year, after being in 17th position in the first year of the Index, in 2002. Relations between the media and the Bush administration sharply deteriorated after the president used the pretext of 'national security' to regard as suspicious any journalist who questioned his 'war on terrorism.' The zeal of federal courts which, unlike those in 33 US states, refuse to recognise the media's right not to reveal its sources, even threatens journalists whose investigations have no connection at all with terrorism."

TECH - Firefox 2 'officially' launched

TECH - This afternoon (as in later today on PST (pacific standard time) Firefox 2 will be 'officially' launched. An Interview With Chris Beard, Mozilla VP Products

Read Interview Here

firefox 2

Friday, October 20, 2006

POKER - Videos Regarding Poker Ban

Videos Regarding Poker Ban

New J. Todd Video - Goodlatte Full of Shit - Another hilarious video about the gambling ban by J. Todd

CNBC Gambling Ban News - Here is a small piece that CNBC did on the gambling ban.

Bill Frist Corruption Video - This video gets an A+ and made me laugh for quite awhile.

Shelley Berkley - Her pissed off speech on how the gambling bill doesn't pertain to port security.

J. Todd Crime to Play Poker - Video on when the gambling bill first passed.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Worth Dying For?

October 2006 -- We hear that a fine new ¨establishment in Tempe, Arizona, one Heart Attack Grill, has been the subject of complaints by those battleaxes at the Arizona State Board of Nursing. And it's all because the Grill uses scantily dressed "naughty nurse" wait staff to sell burgers and beer! Last month, the real nurses (or "Terrorists & FemiNazis," as the Grill describes them) even got the Arizona attorney general's office to ask the Grill to stop suggesting that its employees are real nurses, in alleged violation of the state's protected title statute. The Center is outraged at this assault on the free speech rights of scrubs-clad Grill owner "Dr. Jon" Basso. But we will explore what those scary Arizona nurses might be getting at, when they aren't busy killing millions of Jews or crashing jets into buildings. The nurses might be upset because the Grill is exploiting nursing's long-standing position as the most sexually-fantasized-about job on the planet. That reinforces stereotypes that discourage practicing and potential nurses (especially men), foster sexual violence in the workplace, and contribute to a general atmosphere of disrespect that weakens nurses' claims to adequate resources. Those stereotypes exacerbate the global nursing shortage, a public health crisis that is killing thousands of people. It would even be killing those whose poor diets help lead to heart attacks, if the link between food and cardiac conditions were not just another silly lie in a world in which, as the Grill says, "insane political correctness stands as a barrier between the average man and his pursuit of happiness."

The Center for Nursing Advocacy

The Heart Attack Grill Restaurant Nurses are NOT REAL!?!?!

TECH - Britain's first "web-rage" attack

"The BBC is reporting what is claimed to be Britain's first "web-rage" attack. A man drove seventy miles to assault his victim with a pick-axe handle after they exchanged insults in a Yahoo! chat room. From the article Det Cons Christopher Creagh, of the Metropolitan Police, said: "This is the first instance of a web-rage attack." Det Sgt Jean-Marc Bazzoni, of Essex Police, added the case demonstrates the importance of protecting one's identity on the internet. "Mr Jones had posted pictures of his family on the web and had chatted to Gibbons on an audio link," he said. "It demonstrates how easily other users can put two and two together and also shows how children could also find themselves in danger."

NEWS - FDA Approves JANUVIA for Type 2 Diabetes

FDA Approves Once-Daily JANUVIA(TM), the First and Only DPP-4 Inhibitor Available in the United States for Type 2 Diabetes

Oct 17, 2006 11:01:00 AM

WHITEHOUSE STATION, N.J., October 17 /CNW/ - Merck & Co., Inc., Whitehouse Station, N.J., U.S.A., which operates as Merck, Sharp & Dohme (MSD) in countries outside the U.S., announced today that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved JANUVIA(TM) (sitagliptin phosphate), the first and only DPP-4 inhibitor available in the United States for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. JANUVIA has been approved as monotherapy and as add-on therapy to either of two other types of oral diabetes medications, metformin or thiazolidinediones (TZDs), to improve blood sugar (glucose) control in patients with type 2 diabetes when diet and exercise is not enough. The recommended dose of JANUVIA is 100 mg once daily. JANUVIA should not be used in patients with type 1 diabetes or for the treatment of diabetic ketoacidosis, as it would not be effective in these settings.
Redwood Consultants, LLC

JANUVIA enhances a natural body system to significantly lower elevated blood sugar
JANUVIA belongs to a new breakthrough class of prescription medications called dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DPP-4) inhibitors that improves blood sugar control in patients with type 2 diabetes. JANUVIA enhances a natural body system called the incretin system, which helps to regulate glucose by affecting the beta cells and alpha cells in the pancreas. Through DPP-4 inhibition, JANUVIA works only when blood sugar is elevated to address diminished insulin due to beta-cell dysfunction and uncontrolled production of glucose by the liver due to alpha-cell and beta-cell dysfunction.

"Those patients who are unable to adequately manage their type 2 diabetes with lifestyle changes, like healthy eating and increased physical exercise, and who require medications now have a new product to help regulate their blood sugar levels," said Edward S. Horton, M.D., director of clinical research, Joslin Diabetes Center and professor of medicine, Harvard Medical School, Boston.

"JANUVIA underscores MSD's commitment to the field of diabetes, and the benefits we strive to bring to patients and physicians who struggle in the treatment of type 2 diabetes," said Richard T. Clark, president and chief executive officer, Merck & Co., Inc. "The approval of JANUVIA is a clear example of MSD's focus on developing innovative therapies to improve human health around the world."

JANUVIA had an overall incidence of side effects comparable to placebo
In clinical trials, JANUVIA demonstrated an overall incidence of side effects comparable to placebo. The most common side effects reported with JANUVIA (greater than or equal to 5 percent and higher than placebo) were stuffy or runny nose and sore throat, upper respiratory infection, and headache.

Read more on the JANUVIA announcement here

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

SPORTS - Detroit Tigers World Series Bound!!!

SPORTS - Detroit Tigers World Series Bound!!!

Congratulations to the ALCS Champions Detroit Tigers and good luck in the 2006 world series

TECH - Firefox 2 RC3 released

TECH - Firefox 2 RC3 released

Great browser for those of you still clunking along with Internet Explorer, although it is just a release candidate Ive been using it since RC2 and have had no issues whatsoever, for those of you that already are using Firefox, take caution as some/most of your add-ons wont work with this one until those are updated from the authors themselves.

Working Firefox add-ons I use that still work with RC3:
Homeland Security Threat Level
Down them all
Print Image


NEWS - US Population reaches 3 Billion!!!

Congrats US of A you just hit the 3 Billion person mark, now move over - make me some room, expect to hear this even more from old people in your neighborhood "HEY! get off my lawn you kids!!"
Read the story on the BBC

Some interesting fact over the last few decades in the USA:
  • In 1915, immigrant citizens came mostly from Germany; in 1967 from Italy; and in 2006 mostly from Mexico
  • The average US family had 4.5 people in 1915, 3.3 in 1967 and 2.6 in 2006
  • Some 45.9% of Americans were property owners in 1915. That grew to 63.6% in 1967 and reached 68.9% in 2006
  • There were 4.5 million people aged 65 and older in 1915, or 4.5%; 19.1 million in 1967 (9.5%) and 36.8 million in 2006 (12.4%)
  • Life expectancy was 54.5 years in 1915, 70.5 years in 1967 and 77.8 years in 2006
  • About 23% of women were in the work force in 1915, compared to 41% in 1967 and 58% in 2006
  • There were 2.5 million cars in 1915, 98.9 million in 1967 and 237.2 million in 2006
  • John and Mary topped the list of most popular names in 1915; Michael and Lisa were favourites in 1967; and Jacob and Emily were preferred in 2006.

Monday, October 16, 2006

NEWS - Internet Poker sites to boycott and those to support

Internet Poker sites to boycott and those to support...

Due to overwhelming knee-jerk reactions from a variety of online poker sites, Ive compiled a list of poker sites that have since the signing of the safe port act into law and prior to the signing banned US players or disabled accounts of US players and hereby beseech you all that read this to help support poker in the USA no matter where you live anywhere in the world by closing out your accounts in the following sites and making mention when doing so that you will not financially support a site that bans a country of poker players due to misdirected and misinformed legislation


Notable Sites That Gave Up Without a Fight

Pacific Poker - Was the first to back out of the USA
PartyGaming - (Party Poker, Empire Poker, etc.)Was the second poker room to back out of USA
iPoker - (Titan Poker, Poker Ocean, CD Poker, Noble Poker, Prestige Poker, Betfred, Fair Poker) USApoker is one of the only ones still open to USA. They backed out after about a week of legal advice
Prima Network - Some prima sites are out and some are just accepting Americans from certain states.
Action Poker Network - Includes places like Tigergaming, Superior poker etc.
B2B Skins - (24h poker, Redbet, Betunited etc)
Boss Media - (WilliamHill, Sportinbet, TotalPoker, Virgin Poker, CelebPoker, Pokerheaven, etc)
Cryptologic - (InterPoker, Intercasino, VIP casino)
Paradise Poker
Kiwi Poker

Victor Chandler
Everest Poker

Poker Champs
Poker Ocean
Kiwi Poker
WPT Online Poker Room
Sun Poker
Dream Poker
Fortune Lounge
Jet Set Poker
Royal Vegas Poker
River Belle Poker
Noble Poker
Fair Poker

The following Poker Rooms have stated that they will STILL ALLOW US PLAYERS TO WAGER AT THEIR POKER ROOM. Please support these sites fully

Absolute Poker
Ultimate Bet Poker
Full Tilt Poker
Cake poker
True poker
doyle's room

Games Grid

NEWS - Brief Analysis of Internet Gambling Prohibition Act

Brief Analysis of Internet Gambling Prohibition Act (Attached to Safe Port Act)

First the bill does not make poker playing illegal on the Internet at a Federal Level, although it will make it much more difficult to enjoy “your game” on-line. As we have mentioned before we are immediately working on your behalf to obtain an exemption for Poker prior to the financial enforcement provisions are finalized (estimated between 3 to 9 months). This is the most important thing that the Poker Players Alliance and its members can do in the short term.

This version of the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act that amended the Safe Port Act
contains no amendment to the 1961 Wire Act. However this bill provides additional enforcement powers to the Wire Act that will presumably be applied to wagering on
Poker. Although Poker is a skill game and even the Department of Justice recently
testified in the April 2006 Judiciary Hearing that “games subject to chance” clause may not apply to “games such as Poker”, it is likely that they will take a broad brush approach to enforcement and use these tools defined by this prohibition act to restrict your ability to access poker sites and fund your accounts as you have done in previously. The enforcement mechanisms as it relates to Internet Poker falls into two broad categories:
The Internet Gambling Prohibition amendment will require financial institutions to
monitor and block your funding of your poker accounts, whether you use Credit Cards,
ACH, Stored Value Cards, electronic checks (debits), electronic funds transfers or
physical checks. Within 270 days the Federal Reserve Board and the Attorney General
will proscribe policies and procedures with which banks and other financial institutions will enforce this act to monitor and block financial transactions. Banks are absolved of any liabilities by the Federal Government by a “reasonableness test” in complying with this legislation. We assume this to be applied liberally given the consequences for financial institutions who not comply. Although it is unclear how a financial institution could block a transfer to a personal account off-shore, but for most players it will be difficult to enjoy the game they love. Additionally is likely to very costly for financial institutions to “play the morality police”, but they are under order of the Federal Government to comply.
**Internet Hyperlink Blocking
The IGP amendment requires that “Interactive Computer Services”, essentially Internet
Service Providers (ISPs), remove or disable access to internet links and hyperlinks “that reside” on the ISPs servers to “Internet Gambling” upon written notice from a State Attorney General, or the Attorney General of the United States. There is no affirmative monitoring provision for ISPs, but no liability for compliance.
The exemptions included in the “Prohibition” are for wagering on Horseracing, Intrastate Lotteries, Intrastate Gaming (where legal), Indian Reservations, and playing Fantasy Sports, but nothing yet for Poker. This must change.

The Poker Players Alliance will renew its fight to obtain separate treatment for a great game of skill, poker, and a community game. In then next several months, this will be our focus, to ensure that Poker is protected from this outrageous intrusion into the lives of 70 Million poker players.

Long term we seek to have Poker affirmatively legalized, licensed, regulated and taxed on a Federal level. You have our commitment on this.

Michael Bolcerek
Poker Players Alliance


NEWS - Poker Players Alliance: Congress Ignores Public Sentiment

Poker Players Alliance: Congress Ignores Public Sentiment,
Approves Internet Poker Prohibition

Washington, DC (September 30, 2006) –
In a Congressional back room deal, opponents of Internet gambling have added language to port security legislation that would prohibit online wagering. The port security bill with the Internet gambling prohibition language included was approved by the U.S House and Senate late on Friday evening and will be sent to the President to be signed into law.

“This last minute deal reeks of political gamesmanship. The American people should be
outraged that Congress has hi-jacked a vital security bill with a poker prohibition that nearly three fourths of the country opposes,” said Michael Bolcerek, president of the Poker Players Alliance, a grassroots advocacy organization of more than 110,000 poker enthusiasts. “Allowing this bill to become law, would run contrary to public opinion and would damage an already fractured relationship between government and the electorate. The millions of Americans who enjoy playing this great game will have the last voice in this debate come Election Day.”

Bolcerek pointed to research which shows that 74 percent of Americans oppose federal
attempts to ban Internet poker.
press_release pr040406.html
“Congress has an opportunity to regulate and tax online poker leading to potentially
billions of dollars in annual revenue for the federal government and the states,” said Bolcerek. “If the goal of Congress is to protect people from the possible dangers of gambling, a prohibition is the worst way of achieving it. All it will do is push poker underground, essentially creating online speakeasies, which will provide no protection for youths, no services for the problem gambler and leave only the most unscrupulous operators in the game.”


RANT - Religion

Religion -

Back the hell off!!

Why is it every time some advance in science that could actually be a boon for humans - religious zealots have to step in and muck it up for everyone claiming "its an affront to GOD" or "its man playing at being GOD" blah blah blah

If your GOD is so great and powerful then wouldn't it stand to reason that he/she made you in his/her image as it states in the bible and therefore the ability to "play GOD" resides in us all?
As long as its not some superbug type virus or some other new, deadlier form of nerve agent or poison then let it be - cloning can only HELP humanity, image just try for a second your hurt in a severe car accident or burned in a terrible fire or some genetic timebomb goes off and you get MS or ALS or whatever, wouldnt you like to know that a few cells and some time and you could have your lost arm or legs back if amputated from the cloning service that grew them in a lab and shipped them off to your hospital, or that the STEM CELL research that the religious right and G.W. Bush signed against would perhaps help you or your child live a HAPPY and PRODUCTIVE life because the stem cells harvested from your own tissue (yes folks they have discovered how to garner stem cells from living adult tissue now - not embryos like the Religious Wrong would have you believe) to increase your chance against cancer, MS, ALS, Parkinson's, alziehmers, etc or how about the life of a loved one, say your wife or husband or your mother or father or perhaps one of your children. I guess its more important to suffer through it yourself or through a loved ones suffering than to live a happy life together because some freak in a pointy hat in Italy said "no, no .. thats a no-no according to my interpretation of the bible" HA good luck with that

RANT - USA, Earths babysitter

USA, Earths babysitter...

OK US Government, STOP!!!

Get out of everyone else's business, let Korea blow themselves up, let Iran and Iraq destroy each other, let the Former Eastern Block countries of Russia figure it out on their own - there are MORE than enough problems here at home to worry about first before we start declaring ourselves the model country to mold everyone into, whether by words or weapons (Sounding a bit like the Catholic Church/Vatican of the middle ages - its our way or our way, take your pick)

There was a time the USA was an isolationist society, taking care of our own, there is a time when this needs to be again. Much like the nosey neighbor down the block we get into everyones business enough eventually people will get sick of it and punch us in the nose. Time to reel back all the foreign ambassadors, above and under the table dealings with countries, sending millions and even billions to countries when we have children starving in the streets right here in the USA that need help first.


RANT - Illegal Immigrants

Illegal Immigrants -

OK, firstly I know this is going to start a fire or two but here goes my opinion anyway...

Simply put, we have thousands or hundreds of thousands of ILLEGAL immigrants here in the USA currently protesting and marching and generally wasting tons of time and money for "rights" they want the USA to GIVE them... What part of ILLEGAL is not understood??? you are in the USA ILLEGALLY - you do NOT have the rights to want anything as you are breaking the law to begin with - amazingly most of the illegal immigrants here wanting health care, social security, etc want these things but refuse to become citizens because they send all the money they make here back to the country where they are from and want to be able to go back and have their rights given to them by their actual country when they return... amazing, lets have a few thousand head off to Mexico, take crap jobs and then start marching in the streets and going on strike demanding that Mexico pay us their version of social security and cover us free of charge in health care - you know what would happen? we would be rounded up, spend months in jails not fit for cockroaches and eventually deported after our families here in the USA were exploited cash for our release, ALOT of cash too as well everyone is America is a millionaire right??

Want health care? Want benefits? Want Social Security? Want the American way of life?
fill out the paperwork and wait your damn turn like everyone else...

RANT - Spyware companies

Oh now this one hits home for me being in a computer department...

Spyware companies listen up very, very carefully -

If someone is having a problem getting it up, they already know it and should be seeking help from their doctor NOT you..
If someone wants a longer johnson, let them find out how on their own...
If some loser needs a "local hotty" to date, let him go to the bar or get a hooker or something...
If someone has a crappy mortgage, let them find a better one themselves...

basically stop filling my email and my internet browser with your crap...

rant over, have a nice day :)

RANT - Corporate Computer Users


How is it that in most corporations the typical user will forget how to do their job by simply having a weekend off??

I work in a help desk position and it seems grown adults act as complete newbies when it comes to their job as soon as they return. "I cant remember my password" "I cant remember how to sign on" "I cant remember how to start up my application" - all typical job duties that have done day in and day out for years and its ALWAYS the fault of the IT technician or department making changes while they weren't looking - like we don't have better things to do.

Another factor is simply the fact companies will NOT train their employees in basic computer usage and skills leaving them to flounder about until some minor change occurs and then the world is coming to an end because the game hangaroo or some other BS spyware filled POS software that they suddenly have the skill to find and install and play all day is missing.


welcome to my bloggisphere ,

this is my first post thus far here at IRYRASMO and believe me there will probably be far many more as I interject reality, personal perceptions and common sense into this crazy planet. This is a place of FREE speech - one of the last few bastions it would seem
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